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Approximately 3,000 m2 of Ampelite’s Lexan Thermoclick sheet panel system in the ‘Opal’ colour option was specified for the new Melbourne Jet Base private jet facility.

The sheet system’s thermal insulation properties can reduce the cost of heating and cooling buildings.

The tongue-and-groove design of Ampelite’s interlocking Lexan Thermoclick system allows for fast and simple installation. Architect: Cox Architecture.

Lexan Thermoclick sheet system from Ampelite

Cladding and facades have an important influence on the character of a building. The cost of heating and cooling is reaching new levels, causing designers to look for new alternatives to increase energy efficiency. Ampelite’s Lexan Thermoclick sheet system offers an efficient, effective and striking solution.

The Lexan Thermoclick Sheet system is mainly used in profile-free facade applications. Made up of 40-mm-thick, UV-protected multiwall sheet panels with a profiled tongue-and-groove connection, this interlocking system eliminates the need for vertical profiles, saving money and enhancing aesthetics.

The Melbourne Jet Base private jet facility by Cox Architecture is a prime example of enhanced aesthetics, featuring a wraparound facade of approximately 3,000 m2 of Ampelite’s Lexan Thermoclick in the ‘Opal’ colour option. This product was the designer’s first choice due to its proven track record in Australia’s harsh environment, its availability (stocked locally), and its affordability.

Lexan Thermoclick is an excellent candidate for applications such as cladding and facades of aircraft hangars, stadiums, commercial buildings, shopping centres, office buildings and factories, and is also suitable for use as interior separation walls. Thermoclick has high thermal insulation capabilities with a U-value of 1.2 Wm2/K. It can not only help customers to reduce heating and cooling costs, but can also cut energy usage and CO2 emissions to benefit the environment.

High-performance Lexan Thermoclick offers the building and construction industry new ways to meet demands for increased energy efficiency in living and working environments, while enabling designs that are visually striking and yet extremely practical. The low-maintenance end product can also help to resist rust, rot and warp. 

Lexan Thermoclick offers simple and fast installation and excellent energy efficiency, with good light transmission and light diffusion characteristics. A unique five-wall, X-structure composition gives the interlocking panels high impact resistance and outstanding load performance while maintaining a lightweight construction.