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Designers can capitalize on both deep and shallow drawers for storage with the MOVENTO concealed runner systems.

Full extension of the MOVENTO runner system allows easy access to all items in the drawer, even at the very back.

Transform timber furniture with Blum runner system

Create ergonomic elegance and ease around the home with MOVENTO concealed runner systems.

Timber furniture is the design trend that has stood the test of time. Timber is a classic and natural material that is capable of bringing warmth and texture to any space. Whether you’re using timber furniture to create a modern, heritage or minimalist look, Blum’s MOVENTO runner systems guarantee that it can be used with ease.

Utilizing Blum’s MOVENTO concealed runner systems throughout your home will bring smooth motion and consistent functionality to your furniture. The synchronized feather-light glide allows drawers to smoothly and silently run for soft, effortless opening and closing.

MOVENTO is a reliable runner solution that will bring greater functionality to your timber storage designs. The system works with all kinds of drawers – wide or narrow, high or low.

Deep and wide drawers are suitable in wardrobes for those cosy winter jumpers or storing manchester. Drawers in living areas are useful for hiding kids’ toys and household items while hosting guests. And in office settings, designers can capitalize on both deep and shallow drawers to give corporate clients greater capacity to store stationery, necessary equipment and work files.

Full extension of the MOVENTO runner system allows easy access to all items in the drawer. The high load-bearing capacity of both 40 kg and 70 kg gives users peace of mind when maximizing their storage space, while still providing unquestionable stability.

Designers can further enhance the functionality of their timber furniture designs by incorporating Blum’s motion technologies: TIP-ON and SERVO-DRIVE.

With the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system and SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system, users can achieve an even more sophisticated and ergonomic experience when opening or closing their timber drawers, no matter how much force is applied.

The MOVENTO concealed runner system ensures that designers and architects can use it for various applications throughout the home. Whether maximizing storage space in living areas and wardrobes or improving the functionality of the home office space, Blum gives designers the freedom to execute stylish timber designs without sacrificing quality or functionality.

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