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The In-Wash Inspira smart toilet, developed by Roca’s designers and engineers, provides a unique and personal hygiene and well-being experience that suits any lifestyle.

Adjusting the In-Wash Inspira toilet’s temperature and position is easy with the included remote.

The world is becoming smarter

Roca combines technology and avant-garde design in its smart toilet: In-Wash Inspira.

Developed by Roca’s designers and engineers, the toilet has soft curves, a minimalist design and intuitive technology.

The In-Wash Inspira has personal hygiene technology and an integrated nozzle that provides cleaning, comfort and care.

Washing and drying functionality, a rimless design, and a removable self-cleaning nozzle make the toilet easy to clean and the ultimate hygienic solution.

The In-Wash Inspira features user detection, adjustable water and air pressure, an LED night light and much more. It is also now available with a heated seat.

Roca believes technology should not be exclusive, but accessible to all and versatile, to suit everyone’s needs.