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This highly sensitive device from Philips Dynalite can detect motion beyond line of sight.

Ultrasonic Sensors by Philips Dynalite

Lighting management company Philips Dynalite has combined light and ultrasonic sensor technologies into one device for quality occupancy detection.

The ultrasonic sensors extend the range currently available with passive infrared (PIR) and light-level detection technologies. Bundled together in the DUS840C-UP, the highly sensitive device detects motion beyond line of sight.

Reducing the number of devices required can lower installation and energy costs, and enhance the visual appearance of the room.

The combination of light-level and occupancy sensing can reduce a building’s energy consumption by up to 55%.

The sensors are fully networkable to the DyNet system, enabling communication to other sensors and load control devices. They are fully programmable with Envision commissioning software.