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The Coolerado is using up to 50% less water than other evaporative systems.

Coolerado airconditioning

Coolerado, distributed by Reemerge, is an indirect evaporative cooling system that uses displacement ventilation techniques across any implementation requirement – pre-cooling, economizer cycle extension or integration at design.

The technology boasts unparalleled energy efficiency – 17.5 kW of cooling delivered for less than 500 W on a single-phase supply. With an EER of 30 (compared to 2/3 for some DX systems) it can be integrated with photovoltaic technologies for complete grid-independent cooling.

Using up to 50% less water than comparable evaporative systems, Coolerado can utilize water as a recyclable refrigerant – exhaust and supply streams have no direct contact enabling the use of harvested or recycled grey water. It also uses 100% fresh air intake and no chemical refrigerants. With no air recirculation, the technology offers demonstrable impact on occupant comfort, wellbeing and productivity (especially when coupled with displacement techniques).