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American Oak by ASH

America’s favourite hardwood, supplied to Australian requirements.

Not American white oak, not American red oak ... American Oak by ASH!

American Oak by ASH is different. Easily interchangable for white oak. It is not as olive-brown in colour as white oak, nor is it pink in colour like typical American red oak. It is blonde in appearance – closer to that of typical engineered oak flooring.

American Oak by ASH belongs to the rubra family and is generally straight grained, crown cut, coarse textured and distinctive in appearance. It can easily be moulded, shaped, laminated, painted or stained to suit your decor needs.

American Oak by ASH is straight-line edged, fault docked, set dimensioned in small packs, crown cut and gauged to thickness. It provides 30% savings in waste. Speak to an American Oak specialist on 03 5139 7001 or visit