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Bosch’s new induction cooktop has an integrated ventilation module and multiple independently controlled cooking zones. The unit can be installed on benchtop islands.

Bosch cooktop with integrated ventilation

A great kitchen serves many functions: relaxed cooking, eating, or simply sitting down with family and friends. To allow built environment professionals more freedom and flexibility when designing kitchens, Bosch has developed a two-in-one induction cooktop with integrated ventilation.

This appliance combines the latest technologies used in Bosch’s induction cooktops and rangehoods into a single appliance so that professionals can create a kitchen that suits clients’ needs – without compromising on design.

Four induction cooking zones can each be fine-tuned to the desired heat: Users can choose among 17 power levels, and timers can be set to automatically switch off any zone. An additional function, PowerBoost, reduces the time required to heat up large quantities of water.

Options for the integrated ventilation module are similarly generous. The fan, which has nine regular and two boost settings, automatically switches on when the cooktop is used.