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Di Emme metal screens at MacMasters Beach, New South Wales

“Screen it,” was the brief from the owners of a beach house with views of MacMasters Beach, New South Wales. They told Di Emme Creative Solutions that the sun was a problem on the deck and ground areas. “We don’t want to block the view, just the strength of the sun, and we don’t like sails, shade-cloth structures or slats,” said the client.

“The original dwelling has architectural elements that are in tune with the natural surroundings,” continued the client. Di Emme’s creative director took this comment on board and embarked on a photographic exploration of the area. Inspired by patterns from the native vegetation, she developed several designs that could be laser cut into metal screens. The clients loved the abstracted screen design, which they say “captures the native vegetation and the feel of the environment without being obvious or kitsch.”

Di Emme offers a wide range of screen designs as well as custom designs, options of custom wood and metal fabrication materials and a diverse array of finishes. Di Emme’s team are skilled artisans and experts in multiple mediums, paint, fibreglass, molding materials and metalwork.