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The expressed-joint look of Scyon Matrix cladding gives projects a commercial look.

Scyon Matrix cladding

Thanks to James Hardie’s innovative Scyon range of lightweight construction products, architects and designers can create a professional, commercial look for houses, without the commercial price tag.

Scyon Matrix cladding is a complete cladding system with a geometric, expressed-joint look. Fast and simple to install, Matrix cladding is ideal for modern designs in residential applications as well as medium-density developments. It can be used in a composite construction design, for upper- or lower-level extensions and even for internal feature wall applications.

The key benefit, saving both time and money, is how simple it is to install. Instead of needing the steel top-hats associated with many commercial systems, Matrix cladding sheets are installed with Scyon Cavity Trim battens. The expressed joint is created easily using a 10 mm packer. Sheets are sanded smooth and pre-primed for fast paint application and a high-quality finish.

Scyon Matrix cladding is also flexible in design. Square and rectangular panels with an expressed joint mean a variety of looks can be created, from horizontal and vertical stripes to geometric patterns. Sanded sheets give a flat, smooth finish, and digital printing can add even more design options. Matrix cladding’s resistance to cracking, warping and swelling (when installed and maintained correctly) means it can be painted both dark and light colours. The option of brad nailing minimizes visual interruption. Matrix cladding can be specified for timber-framed or steel-framed structures.

Scyon Matrix cladding panels are sealed on all sides for durability and stability.