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Kingspan Insulated Panels were used on the recently completed Ecosciences Precinct in Queensland.

Kingspan Insulated Panels

Kingspan Insulated Panels continue to deliver stellar thermal performance and breathtaking aesthetic results proven firsthand by the team at Hassell. The Hassell-designed Ecosciences Precinct at Dutton Park, Queensland secured Building of the Year in the 2011 Brisbane Regional Architecture Awards followed by the State Award for Commercial Architecture.

The strategic use of Kingspan’s Architectural Wall Panel in Micro Rib profile (KS1000 MR), the Trapezoidal roof system (KS1000RW) and controlled Environment Panels (KS1100CS) helped deliver a building worthy of accolade.

Architects like Hassell are increasingly using Kingspan’s sophisticated, engineered panel solutions to produce a high-performance building envelope. The building envelope is becoming the conceptual focal point in the design and construction of energy efficient buildings. An effective envelope helps to passively control thermal gains and losses, minimizing the strain on energy-guzzling HVAC systems.

Kingspan panels provide the assurance of high, as-built R values and superior airtight seals, with unparalleled construction simplicity.

Available in a range of profiles and a stunning colour palette called the Kingspan Collection, Kingspan Insulated Panels can transform any project.