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Timba Panel cladding has the appearance of real timber but requires very little maintenance.

Timba Panel range from Designer Panel Systems

The Timba Panel range from Designer Panel Systems is unlike any other panel in the marketplace. The cladding lends itself to a wide range of uses and is ideal for any application where a timber look is required with minimal maintenance.

Timba Panel is a wall cladding system installed with a ventilated air space. It involves laying interlocking panels on a metal framework, fixed using concealed fastenings to the support structure (masonry or metal structure). The panels are simply connected by the use of an interlocking groove, giving the elegant appearance of a recessed joint.

Using a quality hard-wearing process similar to powdercoating, the Timba Panel not only mimics the colour, but also has the appearance, of real timber. The Timba Panel offers a cost-effective and maintenance-free alternative to real timber, and is available in twelve finishes reflecting a range of hues in natural timber colours.

The Timba Panel has the durability of steel while requiring very little maintenance. It will not split, warp or splinter, does not require refinishing or resealing, and is perfect for BAL-rated areas.