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Cumaru is an attractive and durable timber.

Cumaru timber from Porta

Porta has introduced Cumaru timber to Australia – a highly durable timber with an attractive and distinctive interlocked grain.

Porta offers Cumaru for a range of applications. It is ideal for outdoor and indoor environments – beams, decking, cladding, boardwalks, marinas, landscaping, civil works and external furniture. Ideal for harsh Australian conditions, Cumaru is non-leaching, offers greater termite resistance, is bushfire rated (BAL 12.5 and 19) and FSC certified. Cumaru features a high density of 1,085 kg/m3 and is structurally F34 graded, which means less timber for higher loads and ultimately a more attractive design. With over 65 years of timber expertise, Porta offers Cumaru in large sections and long lengths, for a unique design that celebrates the beauty of timber.