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Daniel Robertson brick design

Brick specialist Daniel Robertson boasts a rich tradition of designing bricks for architectural projects.

Peter Robertson, managing director and great-grandson of the founder, says, "Daniel Robertson started seriously in brick in the 60s when most brick was smooth with little tonal variation. We developed a rustic-faced brick which gave architects a new 'fabric' to work with - something with texture that refracts instead of reflects, a tapestry that could be stretched around their vision. Today we use the same analogy."

A fine example of this is Daniel Robertson Australia's own offices. Architect Gabriel Oroszvary moved away from the square-shaped buildings traditionally built from bricks to create an organic form. The curved-wall construction creates a different sense of space and form using clay brick in a contemporary concept. Daniel Robertson individually crafted the bricks to suit the various radii required for the curved walls. They are smaller than a standard Australian brick and finished in a special colour and texture.