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The Eurostar lift offers automatic operation at the touch of a button.

Eurostar lift by Master Lifts

Equipped with a dynamic curtain of light that immediately stops the lift if its breached in any way, the Eurostar low-rise lift from Master Lifts complies with BCABCA 3.6 and the Lift Code. It offers lift travel of up to 1,250 mm and has all the features users require a convenient 1,100 mm 1,400 mm car, two handrails, braille and tactile buttons.

A major attraction of the Eurostar is that it is fully automatic. A momentary touch of a button is all that is required, lowering the ramp, raising the ramp, elevating the lift, opening the gate and closing the gate. Another touch of the button reverses the process.

Master Lifts can be contacted in all capital cities and selected regional centres.