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Termite Proof Silicone for termite-proofing construction joints, electrical conduits and PVC pipes.

Termite Proof Silicone

Alterm National has developed an improved formula for its Termite Proof Silicone (No More Solder).

An extended shelf life of 18 months ensures long-term usability, while its greater elasticity and bond strength suit a wide range of building products, – concrete, masonry, steel, aluminium, PVC and galvanized steel.

The UV-stable Termite Proof Silicone can be used to termite-proof construction joints, saw cuts, electrical conduits, joining ant caps, PVC pipes and tilt panel construction.

Under CSIROCSIRO Technical Appraisal 239, the product was tested for use against mastotermes. It meets AS AS AS 3660:2000 parts 1 and 3 for physical termite barriers. It is environmentally friendly and uses no termiticides.

Alterm National provides technical support.